Topographic Surveys

Which Will Provide Accuracy for Architects and Engineers

Make sure your construction project is built on level ground with the help of AAA Survey Arizona. Our professional land surveyor utilizes the latest tools and techniques to ensure accuracy. Contact our professional land surveyor today at (888) 353-6971 in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, for a topographic survey that provides the accuracy that you require.

Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey measures the elevation of points on a particular piece of land. These vertical points are then shown as contour lines on a plot. This service requires location of county benchmarks so that we can tie the survey to a datum and produce the most accurate surveys possible.

Design Surveys

AAA Survey Arizona
works with your architect to provide him or her with the necessary information to design your residential or commercial structure. We collect information about utilities, roads, power poles, buildings, plants, and vegetation. Additionally, a thorough scan of the property is performed. Based on our design surveys, your architect will have everything necessary to create the home or commercial building of your dreams.

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